Terraform Cloud Support

Terraspace supports Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise. Terraform Enterprise is essentially the same software that runs Terraform Cloud. One of the main differences:

Generally, we’ll use Terraform Cloud to cover both TFC and TFE. When needed, we’ll explicitly note the TFC or TFE specific features.

With Terraform Cloud you get:

Terraform Recommendations

A quick note. Terraform recommends managing infrastructure in smaller Terraform configurations.

You shouldn’t use a single Terraform workspace to manage everything that makes up your production or staging environment. Instead, make smaller workspaces that are easy to delegate. One Workspace Per Environment Per Terraform Configuration.

A workspace provides a “namespace” for all the resources contained in an environment and configuration. Essentially, you create separate workspaces with separate statefiles.

When using Terraform Cloud with Terraspace, Terraspace provides additional conveniences to make it easier to use Terraform Cloud Workspaces. For example, when you set up multiple Terraform Cloud Workspaces, you often repeatedly set up common workspace Terraform Variables and Environment Variables. Terraspace supports automating much of this process.

In the next sections, we’ll cover some of the conveniences and how to set up Terraspace with Terraform Cloud.

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