Terraspace Cloud Permissions: Review Permissions

Terraspace Cloud Permissions are designed to be quite flexible and is designed to work with the way Terraspace works.

With a terraspace project, you define stacks and deploy different instances of these stacks like one for TS_ENV=dev and TS_ENV=prod. The system is allows you to finely scope these permissions.

Scope Description
projects Your terraspace project name is configured with a config, IE: config.cloud.project = "main". The default project name is main. If you have multiple terraspace projects and repos, you can set config.cloud.project and then target which specific projects you want users to have permissions over.
envs This allows you to target which environments, IE: TS_ENV, users have permissions and access to. If you create a rule with envs: dev sbx, then the user is only granted permission TS_ENV=dev and TS_ENV=sbx. The user will not be able to deploy to TS_ENV=prod.
apps This allows to target which applications, users have permissions and access to. If you’re leveraging the Terraspace TS_APP ability, which is one way to reuse the same stack for different apps. You can use this field to scope access to only that app. Note, if you use this then TS_APP needs to be set for that stack.
stacks This allows to target which stacks, users have permissions and access to. This is the stack being deploy. IE: terraspace up demo. In this case, the stack is named demo.

Example: dev and prod team

A decent starting set of permissions is to create 2 teams: dev and prod.

dev team permissions:


prod team permissions:


Next, we’ll create a user token.

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