Terraspace Cost Estimation

Terraspace Cloud can provide cost estimates for your Terraform resources. Terraspace integrates the infracost estimation reports with the Terraspace Cloud dashboard and Pull Request comments.

Note: Cost estimation is a paid feature, available as part of the Cost upgraded plan. Learn more about Terraspace Cloud pricing here.


You can set up Cost Estimation with these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account at Terraspace Cloud
  2. Configure Terraspace
  3. Install Infracost
  4. Deploy a Stack

Sign up for a Terraspace Cloud account

  1. Go to Terraspace Cloud and sign up for an account
  2. Create an access token. This is under your profile “Settings / Tokens”. Note this access token for the next step.

You might want to set TS_TOKEN in your:


export TS_TOKEN=ts-G85kAZcCiqOwcLiv

Configure Terraspace Cloud

Configure the cloud.org and cloud.cost.enabled settings.


Terraspace.configure do |config|
  config.cloud.org = "REPLACE_ME"  # replace with your Terraspace Cloud org name
  config.cloud.cost.enabled = true

More Docs: Cloud Config

Install Infracost

You can install infracost with this curl command:

curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/infracost/infracost/master/scripts/install.sh | sh

Register for an free infracost cost API key. Here are the Infracost Get an API Key Docs. The key is written to ~/.config/infracost/credentials.yml and you should be set. If you want to use the key on another machine, you can also create that file or export key to the INFRACOST_API_KEY environment variable.

Deploy a Stack

After that’s set up, Cost Estimation is enabled and looks like this:

$ terraspace up aws_instance
Live Stream: https://app.terraspace.cloud/demo/main/aws_instance-dev-us-west-2/streams/stream-A8TEToW2dFpZj66k
=> terraform apply -input=false
# ...
  Enter a value: yes
aws_instance.web: Creating...
aws_instance.web: Creation complete after 12s [id=i-0f686bb06eaf97eb0]

Apply complete! Resources: 1 added, 0 changed, 0 destroyed.
Running cost estimate...

Project: aws_instance-dev-us-west-2

 Name                                                 Monthly Qty  Unit   Monthly Cost

 ├─ Instance usage (Linux/UNIX, on-demand, t3.micro)          730  hours         $7.59
 └─ root_block_device
    └─ Storage (general purpose SSD, gp2)                       8  GB            $0.80

 OVERALL TOTAL                                                                   $8.39
1 cloud resource was detected:
∙ 1 was estimated, it includes usage-based costs, see https://infracost.io/usage-file
Terraspace Cloud https://app.terraspace.cloud/demo/main/aws_instance-dev-us-west-2/updates/update-8SDaiDxbsObgkQIn

Note: By default, updates are only saved to Terraspace Cloud when changes are detected to keep a high signal-to-noise ratio. You can adjust this behavior with config.cloud.record

The Cloud Estimation looks like this on the Dashboard:

CI/CD Integration

If you’re interested in integrating Cost Estimates with CI/CD, take a look at the CI/CD guides:

Here’s an example of a Pull Request comment that Terraspace adds:

More tools: