Tfvars Location Thoughts

Since Terraspace 2.2.15, the recommended location for tfvars in the config/stacks folder. For example:


The Reasons

The reasoning behind this recommendation:

  1. It makes it a lot easier to see what has been deployed by looking at the config/stacks directory. You can simply run tree config/stacks.
  2. Often people use app/stacks for the reusable code and don’t even bother with app/modules. They configure their business-specific logic with tfvars files. By having tfvars in the config/stacks folder as mirror image of the app/stacks folder, you can separate the business-logic and reuse stacks.
  3. The idea is that stacks can optionally ship with default tfvars files in app/stacks/demo/tfvars, and users can coverride them with app/stacks/demo/tfvars without touching the stack code.

It’s easy to see what’s been deployed by simply running tree config/stacks

❯ tree config/stacks
└── demo
    └── tfvars
        └── dev.tfvars


Layering is performed in this order:

config/stacks/demo/tfvars/dev.tfvars <= highest precedence

Notice how app/stacks/demo/tfvars still works and is layered. So this recommendation completely compatiable with older stack code that has tfvars in the same folder.

Move Script

If your tfvars files are in app/stacks and want to move them to config/stacks, here’s a useful move-tfvars.rb script that you can use to quickly move your tfvars files from app/stacks to config/stacks. Although, the script will prompt you before moving the tfvars over, you should commit and backup your code before running the script.

Usage: To use the script download it and then run it from your terraspace project folder. Here’s an example:

❯ ruby move-tfvars.rb
Will move tfvars to new recommended location.
Will move app/stacks/*/tfvars to config/stacks/*/.tfvars
Any existing config/stacks/*/tfvars folders will be removed and replaced.
It's recommended that you commit and save your code before running this script.

Previewing move of tfvars files:

    app/stacks/demo/tfvars => config/stacks/demo/tfvars

Are you sure you want to move all tfvars files? [y/N] y

Moving tfvars files:

    app/stacks/demo/tfvars => config/stacks/demo/tfvars


Double check:

❯ tree config/stacks
└── demo
    └── tfvars
        └── dev.tfvars

More tools: