Terrafile Stack Options

Terraspace can copy starter examples within the downloaded module to the app/stacks folder. This is controlled with the stack option. Terraspace is also smart enough to rewrite the module source attribute to point to the correct location. It practically writes code for you, saving you time. 😁

Also see: terraspace bundle example command.

Summary Table

The stack option can understand a String or Hash. In its String form, you’re setting the stack src. With the Hash form, you have more fine-grain control over the options to set. Here’s a table with the options:

Stack Option Description Default
dest The default destination folder is app/stacks. Though you can change it to locations like vendor/stacks, it’s recommended to keep the default. app/stacks
examples Examples folder name. examples
name The stack name. IE: app/stacks/NAME. By default, the mod’s name is used. mod’s name
purge If set to true, then the existing app/stacks/vpc folder is removed. The setting defaults to false, so Terraspace will not wipe changes you’ve made. Note, only the specific stack is removed. The rest of the stacks in the app/stacks folder are left untouched. You must manually remove other stacks by design. false
src Relative path to the specific example within the examples folder. The examples/ prefix is optional. Note: You can also set src with example or name. nil

String Example

Here’s an example Terrafile to explain:

mod "vpc", source: "terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws", stack: "simple-vpc" # notice examples/ prefix is optional

By running:

terraspace bundle

Terraspace copies vendor/modules/vpc/examples/simple-vpc to app/stacks/vpc. By default, the stack name matches the module name. To then deploy the stack:

terraspace up vpc

Hash Example

You can also configure the stack options with a Hash if you need more control:

mod "vpc", source: "terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws",
              stack: {
                dest: "vendor/stacks",
                examples: "examples",
                name: "example-vpc",
                purge: true,
                src: "simple-vpc",


terraspace bundle

Will copy vendor/modules/vpc/examples/simple-vpc to app/stacks/example-vpc respecting the stack options for purge, dest, name, prefix, etc.

Array Example

The stack option can also take an Array. This allows you to configure multiple stacks. Each item of the Array can be a String, Hash, or a mixture of both.

Also, stacks is an alias for the stack option. You can use either name.

Here’s an example with an Array of stacks:

mod "vpc", source: "terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws", stacks: ["simple-vpc", "complete-vpc"]


terraspace bundle

Will create:


From the downloaded module src:


All Examples

You can also have Terraspace bundler copy over all examples to the app/stacks folder. You simply do that by specifying the :all symbol. Example:

mod "vpc", source: "terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws", stacks: :all


terraspace bundle

Is like:

cp -r vendor/modules/vpc/examples/* app/stacks/

With the post processing logic that Terraspace performs to adjust the module source location.

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