Upgrading: Move Tfvars

In Terraspace v3, the recommended tfvars location was changed from app/stacks to config/stacks. Example:




Here’s a move-tfvars.rb script you can use to move the tfvars from app/stacks to config/stacks.


Here’s an example with output:

$ move-tfvars.rb
Will move tfvars to new recommended location.
Will move app/stacks/*/tfvars to config/stacks/*/.tfvars
Any existing config/stacks/*/tfvars folders will be removed and replaced.
It's recommended that you commit and save your code before running this script.

Previewing move of tfvars files:

    app/stacks/demo/tfvars => config/stacks/demo/tfvars

Are you sure you want to move all tfvars files? [y/N] y

Moving tfvars files:

    app/stacks/demo/tfvars => config/stacks/demo/tfvars


Here are some thoughts on the new recommended location. After deploying many stacks, it can get confusing to remember which stack has been deployed. I’ve found that looking at config/stacks provides a pretty good idea of what’s been deployed. Note: Terraspace Cloud can also help by tracking the stacks deployed.

Another reason it’s useful to have your custom tfvars in config/stacks because it allows the stacks to be reusable. You can download stacks via Terrafile into vendor/stacks and the separated config/stacks tfvars files can still be used.

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