Destroy Infrastructure

Now that we’ve seen how to deploy infra, let’s clean up and tear down the resources.

To destroy the resources, run:

terraspace down demo

You’ll be prompted to make sure you really want to delete these resources.

$ terraspace down demo
Building .terraspace-cache/dev/stacks/demo
Built in .terraspace-cache/dev/stacks/demo
Current directory: .terraspace-cache/dev/stacks/demo
=> terraform destroy Refreshing state... [id=indirectly-game-grub]

Terraform used the selected providers to generate the following execution
plan. Resource actions are indicated with the following symbols:
  - destroy

Terraform will perform the following actions:
  # will be destroyed
  - resource "random_pet" "this" {
      - id        = "indirectly-game-grub" -> null
      - length    = 3 -> null
      - separator = "-" -> null
Plan: 0 to add, 0 to change, 1 to destroy.

Changes to Outputs:
  - pet_id = "indirectly-game-grub" -> null

Do you really want to destroy all resources?
  Terraform will destroy all your managed infrastructure, as shown above.
  There is no undo. Only 'yes' will be accepted to confirm.

  Enter a value:

Once again, we prompted to Enter a value:. Type yes and press enter to destroy the infrastructure.

  Enter a value: yes Destroying... [id=indirectly-game-grub] Destruction complete after 0s

Destroy complete! Resources: 1 destroyed.

Congrats! You have successfully created, modified, and destroy infrastructure with terraspace.

Next, we’ll look at some next steps.

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