Dot Env Files

Terraspace loads environment variables from .env files. The naming convention for these files is .env.TS_ENV.

Let’s say you have a Terraspace project that has the following dotenv files:


Always Loaded

The .env file will always get loaded.

Environment Specific Variables

The other .env files will be loaded based on value of the TS_ENV environment variable. So:

You can set TS_ENV to any value, depending on whatever you want to name your environment.

Dotenv File Precedence

Here’s an example with TS_ENV=dev to explain the dotenv files precedence, from highest to lowest.

  1. - highest precedence. only loaded when TS_ENV=dev
  3. .env.local
  4. .env - lowest precedence. always loaded.

Load Order

The dotenv files load after the config/boot.rb hooks. To test and confirm that dotenv files are loading properly you can use an config/inits initializer. Example:





puts "printenv.rb called: ENV['FOO'] #{ENV['FOO'].inspect}"

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