Config Reference

Here’s a list of the available config settings.

Name Description Default
all.concurrency How many processes to run in parallel for each batch for the terraspace all commands. 5
all.exit_on_fail.down Whether or not to exit if one of the down commands fails. Note: Other commands like show, validate, etc are also configurable and default to false. For all down , TS_EXIT_ON_FAIL=0 will also tell Terraspace to continue on failures. false
all.exit_on_fail.plan Whether or not to exit if one of the plan commands fails. false
all.exit_on_fail.up Whether or not to exit if one of the up commands fails. true
all.include_stacks Stacks to include and consider for the dependency graph. nil
all.exclude_stacks Stacks to ignore and not to be considered as part of the dependency graph. nil
allow.envs Array of allowed envs to deploy to. IE: dev, prod, etc. By default, any env is allowed. nil
allow.regions Array of allowed regions to deploy to. IE: us-east-1, us-west-2, etc. By default, any region is allowed. nil
autodetect.expander The expander that Terraspace uses is determined by: 1) config.autodetect.expander - config setting that allows override of the auto-detection entirely. 2) parsing - will try to find the s3, azurerm, gcs backend and use the right terraspace plugin based on that. 3) Gemfile: check what plugins are loaded in the Gemfile and auto-detect based on that. If there’s more than one cloud provider plugin, terraspace will decide the plugin based on this precedence: aws, azurerm, google. You can override the auto-detection and explicitly set the plugin for the expander by setting this autodetect.expander option. nil
auto_create_backend Enable auto-creation of backend true
build.cache_dir The relative dir for the module or stack cache. This can be a string that will be used for substitution, IE: us-west-2/dev/stacks/demo The option can also be Ruby object that responds to call or a class that has an instance method call. IE: or CustomCacheDir#call. The current stack/module is passed to the call method :REGION/:APP/:ROLE/:ENV/:BUILD_DIR
build.clean_cache Whether to clean the cache at the beginning of the build process. Can be useful to turn off if using TFC VCS-Driven workflow. true
build.copy_modules Copies instead of compiling modules. This significantly improves terraspace build. Introduced in terraspace 2.2.5. By default, not set and will show a warning to user. In next terraspace major version, will default to true and warning will be removed. nil
build.dependency_words List of words to tell Terraspace what methods should be evaluated as part of the first dependency pass. Note: depends_on and output is always in this list. More docs: Dependencies Tfvars Considerations []
build.pass_files List of string patterns use to tell Terraspace which files should use a pass build strategy. More docs: Pass Files []
bundle This should be a Hash. It configures terraspace bundle settings. Options are passed straight through, allowing you to configure anything with the bundle command. See terrafile config level options for the options. {logger: Terraspace.logger}
cloud.cost.enabled Enable Cost Estimates. See how much your infrastructure costs. false
cloud.project Terraspace Cloud Project name. This is optional. main Terraspace Cloud org name This is required to use Terraspace Cloud. You can also set this with the TS_ORG env var.
cloud.record Whether or not to record only changes for reduced noise or record all terraspace plan, terraspace up, terraspace down. Examples: changes or all changes
cloud.stack Terraspace Cloud stack name. This must be unique per stack you want to keep separate state for. :APP-:ROLE-:MOD_NAME-:ENV-:EXTRA-:REGION The VCS Plugin to use. Normally, this is auto-detected based on the vcs plugin configured in your Gemfile.. IE: terraspace_vcs_github. This allows you to override the auto-detection.  
init.mode Can be: auto, never, always. auto means init will only be called when .terraform doesnt exist yet. You can also override this with a env var. IE: TS_INIT_MODE=always auto
layering.names Map layering names to friendly names. Currently only supports namespace. More docs: Layering Friendly Names {}
layering.enable_names.expansion Enable or disable friendly name mapping where expansion is used. This occurs for build.cache_dir and terraform backends. It can be useful to disable this if you’ve changed the default settings and want to keep original path and state file. More docs: Build Cache Dir true
log.root The root folder where logs are written to. log
logger Logger instance to use.$stderr)
logger.formatter Logger Formatter to use. See Formatter for interface. Terraspace::Logger::Formatter
logger.level Logger level info
summary.prune Prune old state files with no resources to speed up summary call over time. Note: This removes old state files, so it deletes some state history. false
terraform.plugin_cache.dir Sets TF_PLUGIN_CACHE_DIR. /tmp/terraspace/plugin_cache
terraform.plugin_cache.enabled Whether or not to enable a common cache folder to download plugins. false
terraform.plugin_cache.purge_on_error Whether or not to automatically purge the plugin_cache and retry when there are Terraform plugin cache errors like this. Recommend enabling. true
test_framework Test framework to use rspec
tfc.auto_sync Enables auto-syncing of config/cloud settings to TFC/TFE. Useful to disable if you do not have permission to manage workspaces. true
tfc.working_dir_prefix Add additional prefix to add the relative root that is set on TFC nil
tfc.hostname Hostname used for TFE Terraform token used for authenticated API calls. See: Terraform Login nil
tfc.vars.overwrite Whether or not to overwrite non-sensitive variables. true
tfc.vars.overwrite_sensitive Whether or not to overwrite sensitive variables. true
tfc.vars.show_message Normally, only “Creating” variable messages are shown. Can be set to: all, update, create, none create
tfc.workspace.attrs Custom workspace attributes to set as part of the sync to TFC. Can be useful for vcs-repo. See TFC API Workspace Docs {}

Here’s also the config/app.rb source where these config options are defined.

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