New CI

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We’ll use terraspace new ci to generate a starter CI folder structure.

terraspace new ci

Here’s an example with output.

$ terraspace new ci
      create  .bitbucket/bin/install
      create  .bitbucket/bin/terraspace
      create  bitbucket-pipelines.yml

A bitbucket-pipelines.yml and some supporting files were created.

Bitbucket Pipelines

With Bitbucket, we can use the same file to create different pipelines.

  1. Branch pipeline: Runs when you push a new commit to a branch. This is the default pipeline type.
  2. Pull request pipeline: Runs when you creates a new Pull Request is created or pushed.
  3. Custom manual pipeline: Runs manually via the web console.

All pipelines are defined with the same bitbucket-pipelines.yml file. Keep this in mind as we review the pipelines. Next, we’ll review the pipelines.

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