Azure Terraspace Plugin

The Azure Terraspace Plugin adds support for the automatic creation of the backend storage Azure storage account, storage container, and resource group. By default:

The plugin settings are configurable with:


TerraspacePluginAzurerm.configure do |config|
  config.auto_create = true # set to false to completely disable auto creation = "Standard_LRS"
  config.storage_account.sku.tier = "Standard"

Plugin Options

Name Description Default
auto_create Whether or not to automatically create the Azure Storage Account. true
location Azure location. By default, it is automatically detected. nil
secrets.vault Key Vault name. Used by the azure_secret helper. nil Storage account SKU name. Standard_LRS
storage_account.sku.tier Storage account SKU tier. Standard

The full list refer to plugin source code: terraspace_plugin_azurerm.

More tools: