Terrafile Usage

The Terrafile is where you can define additional modules to add to your Terraspace project. The modules can be from your own git repositories, other git repositories, or the Terraform Registry.

You may also be interested in this blog post: Terraspace Terrafile: Using Git Repos and Terraform Registry Modules.


Here’s an example Terrafile.

org "boltops-tools" # set default org

# Repo examples
mod "s3", source: "git@github.com:boltops-tools/terraform-aws-s3"
# mod "pet", source: "https://github.com/boltops-tools/random_pet"  # public repo
# mod "elasticache", source: "boltopspro/terraform-aws-elasticache" # explicit org
# mod "redis", source: "terraform-aws-elasticache"                  # inferred org
# mod "bucket1", source: "terraform-aws-s3", version: "master"      # pinned to branch. easily update with terraspace bundle update
# mod "bucket2", source: "terraform-aws-s3", tag: "v0.1.0"          # pinned to tag no matter what
# mod "null_resource", source: "https://github.com/boltops-tools/modules", subfolder: "path/to/null_resource_module"

# Terraform registry
mod "sg", source: "terraform-aws-modules/security-group/aws", version: "3.10.0"

Options Docs:

Additional Docs:


When you run:

terraspace bundle

The modules in Terrafile are downloaded to the vendor/modules folder.

A Terrafile.lock file is generated to lock module versions. You can then check in the lockfile into version control. Other members on your team running terraspace bundle will download the exact same versions as you.

How do vendor/modules work?

We can download modules into the vendor/modules folder, and Terraspace will know to use them because it’s another lookup location that Terraspace considers. This lookup ability is described in the Lookup Paths Docs. Terraspace is smart enough to build and materialize the Terraform project that it deploys from multiple source folders.


To update the Terrafile.lock with the latest versions.

terraspace bundle update

You can also selectively update multiple modules.

terraspace bundle update mod1 mod2


You can list the modules that installed from the Terrafile with:

$ terraspace bundle list
Modules included by Terrafile.lock


Use `terraspace bundle info` to print more detailed information about a module

Getting Info

You can get additional information about each bundled module with:

$ terraspace bundle info vpc
    sha: 30df090adc9d1a0d396551fd51ce11e780065b76
    source: terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws
    stack: "examples/simple-vpc"
    type: registry
    url: https://github.com/terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc

Stack Option

Often modules come with examples. Terraspace can copy these starter examples to the app/stacks folder for you. Terraspace also will rewrite the module source attribute to point to the correct location. This streamlines the terraspace bundle workflow. Example:

mod "vpc", source: "terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws", stack: "simple-vpc"

Terraspace copies vendor/modules/vpc/examples/simple-vpc to app/stacks/vpc. For most examples, you’ll be able to deploy immediately:

terraspace up vpc

More Docs: Stack Options

More tools: