The Terrafile provides a way to install and manage Terraform modules from sources like the Terraform Registry, GitHub, etc.


The Terrafile processes a DSL. Here’s an example:

org "boltopspro" # set default github org. IE: https://github.com/boltopspro

# Use modules from your org
mod "instance", source: "terraform-aws-instance", version: "v0.1.0"
mod "elb", source: "terraform-aws-elb"

# Use modules and specify org explicitly
mod "vpc", source: "another-org/terraform-aws-vpc", version: "master"

# Use modules from the Terraform registry
mod "sqs", source: "terraform-aws-modules/sqs/aws"

When you run:

terraspace bundle

The modules declared in Terrafile are downloaded to the vendor/modules folder. A Terrafile.lock file is also created to lock module versions. You can check in the lockfile to version control, so others running terraspace bundle will download the exact same versions as you.


To update the Terrafile.lock with the latest versions:

terraspace bundle update

Terrafile simplifies managing module versions to a centralized place. The terraspace bundle commands makes use of boltops-tools/terraspace-bundler.