Terraform Registry

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Example: Public


mod "sg", source: "terraform-aws-modules/security-group/aws" # terraform registry public example


terraspace bundle

Will download module to:


Example: Private


mod "webapp", source: "app.terraform.io/demo-qa/s3-webapp/aws"


terraspace bundle

Will download module to:


Authorization with Private Registry

For private repos, terraspace queries the Terraform API to discover the git clone address.

The terraspace bundle will use git clone with the git protocol by default to download the module. IE:

git clone git@github.com:org/s3-webapp

You can adjust this behavior with the clone_with option. IE:


mod "webapp", source: "app.terraform.io/demo-qa/s3-webapp/aws", clone_with: `https`

Results in https being used.

git clone https://github.com/org/s3-webapp

You can also globally set the clone_with

clone_with "https"
mod "webapp", source: "app.terraform.io/demo-qa/s3-webapp/aws" # clone_with is implied from the previous line

When using the git protocol, the machine will need an ssh key that has access to the discovered repo.

When using the https protocol, you can configure ~/.netrc with the username and password.

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