Env Vars

Here’s a list of some env vars that can affect terraspace behavior. Not all env vars are listed as most are for internal usage, may change, and config settings are preferred.

Name Description Default
TS_ENV Environment to deploy dev
TS_BUFFER_BLOCK_SIZE Terraspace call terraform commands. It then streams back output from terraform back to terraspace. Output is read with IO#read_nonblock. This method reads back data in blocks of bytes. The default setting has already been testing with the highest TF_LOG=TRACE level. However, depending on your code, terraform may print even larger volumes of data. Too large and a deadlock is caused. Terraspace “hangs”. If this seems to be happening, adjusting this to a higher value may help. 102400
TS_BUFFER_TIMEOUT Amount of time before waiting for reading output from terraform commands timeout. 1hr

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