Azure Variables

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The Azure pipelines we’re creating use the same environment variables. To help reduce some of the duplication in the YAML pipeline definitions, we’ll create and use an Azure Pipelines Variable Group.

Environment Variables

Here are the variables we’ll be setting.

Here’s the App Registration / Overview page.

Here’s the App Registration / Certificates & secrets page.

Create Variable Group

To create a Variable Group:

  1. Go Pipelines on the left hand side
  2. Go to Library
  3. Click + Variable Group to create a new one called common-variables
  4. Add these variables: ARM_CLIENT_ID, ARM_CLIENT_SECRET, ARM_SUBSCRIPTION_ID, ARM_TENANT_ID, TS_TOKEN and INFRACOST_API_KEY (if you’re using cost estimates)

Here’s the + Variable Group button.

Here’s the form.

Next, we’ll create and review the Main Push Pipeline.

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