Boot Hooks

If you need to hook into the Terraspace boot process super-early on, Terraspace boot hooks are designed for that.


Terraspace will searches 2 files in the config folder. If the files exist, they will be ran in this order.

  1. config/boot.rb: Always runs.
  2. config/boot/TS_ENV.rb: Runs based on the env. IE: TS_ENV=dev => config/boot/dev.rb

Both files are required and ran if they both exists. Since the TS_ENV one runs second, it can be used to override previously set values.

Example: Default TS_ENV

If you prefer a different default than TS_ENV=dev.


ENV['TS_ENV'] ||= 'development'

This changes the default for everyone using the project, but still allows them to control the default by adding export TS_ENV=development to their ~/.bash_profile.

Example: Auto-Switch AWS_PROFILE

One useful example is switching AWS_PROFILE based on the TS_ENV. Example:


ENV['AWS_PROFILE'] = 'dev'

This example is for AWS, but you can can do similiar switch logic with GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS, etc.

Other Examples

Users have done interesting things with the boot hook. Here’s are some community examples:

Boot Ordering

This config/boot.rb hooks run the earliest. Here’s an overview of the boot ordering:

  1. config/boot.rb
  2. dotenv files
  3. plugins: IE: aws, azure, google
  4. app/inits: Initializers

Please refer to the source code for more details on boot ordering: terraspace/booter.rb

More tools: