Standalone Details

The standalone installer packages are built within a few minutes of the terraspace gem release. This page covers more details on how the standalone installation works.

Isolated: /opt/terraspace

The standalone Terraspace package installs terraspace in /opt/terraspace. This folder contains everything like system libraries, Ruby, and gems needed for Terraspace to work as a standalone package. Additionally, this also makes it easy to remove terraspace.

Wrappers: /usr/local/bin

The installer creates wrapper scripts in /usr/local/bin. Here are some of them:


Most users have /usr/local/bin configured in there PATH. So these wrappers should work.

If you wish not to have these wrappers generated for you, set export TS_WRAPPERS=0 before running the installer. Without the wrapper scripts, to complete the terraspace standalone installation, you must add /opt/terraspace/embedded/bin to your PATH. See: embedded bin path.

Terraspace wrapper

The terraspace wrapper shim is unique in that it ensures that bundle exec is prepended when you are within a Terraspace project. It looks something like this:


unset GEM_HOME
unset GEM_PATH
export PATH=/opt/terraspace/embedded/bin:$PATH
if [ -f config/app.rb ]; then
  exec bundle exec terraspace "$@"
  exec terraspace "$@"


Terraform is not included with the standalone installer. This allows you to install and run the Terraform version you want to use. Here are Terraform Install instructions.

More tools: