Standalone Permissions

The Terraspace standalone installer will make sure that the owner and permissions of the /opt/terraspace folder is your user.

If the /opt/terraspace folder is not owned by your user for whatever reason, here are the commands to change it:

For macosx:

sudo chown -R `whoami`:staff /opt/terraspace

For other Linux OSes, this is generally:

sudo chown -R `whoami`:`whoami` /opt/terraspace


When the /opt/terraspace folder is not owned by your user, you won’t be able to write to it without sudo. This results in a sudo prompt when terraspace calls bundle and tries to install new gems. You will see this:

=> Installing dependencies with: bundle install
Following files may not be writable, so sudo is needed:

Your user account isn't allowed to install to the system RubyGems.
  You can cancel this installation and run:

      bundle install --path vendor/bundle

  to install the gems into ./vendor/bundle/, or you can enter your password
  and install the bundled gems to RubyGems using sudo.


To fix this issue, make sure /opt/terraspace is owned by your user, instead of repeatedly having to type your password for sudo.

Also, running sudo means you’re using bare shell with pretty much none of your environment settings or variables configured. Though there are ways to preserve environment variables with --preserve-env, it’s often better to avoid sudo as you’ll run into different environmental differences and quirks.

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