Terraspace Cloud Permissions: Deploy

Here are steps to configure and deploy with the token.

Configure Terraspace Cloud

Configure the cloud.org and cloud.project settings.


Terraspace.configure do |config|
  config.cloud.org = "boltops"  # replace with your Terraspace Cloud org name
  config.cloud.project = "main" # replace with your project name

More Docs: Cloud Config

Deploy a Stack

After you’ve set up the first 2 steps, any stack updates will be tracked by Terrapace Cloud. Example:

terraspace up demo

When the update completes, you’ll see a link to the update:

Terraspace Cloud https://app.terraspace.cloud/boltops/main/demo/updates/update-nvEHbKSiGRe8nYTm

Note: By default, the Terraspace Cloud Stack url is only generated when changes are detected to keep a high signal-to-noise ratio. You can adjust this behavior with config.cloud.record

Next are Permissions docs that are more useful for reference.

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