Terraspace Cloud Config

When using Terraspace Cloud, Terraspace adds additional convenience like Team Management, Permissions, History, a GUI visual interface, Real-time logging, and Cost Estimates. This page covers the available config.cloud settings.


Terraspace.configure do |config|
  config.cloud.org = "REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_ORG"

Record Changes Only

By default, terraspace cloud will only record plans and updates when changes are detected. This helps maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio. You can adjust this behavior with:


Terraspace.configure do |config|
  # "all" records all plans and updates.
  # "changes" only records when there are changes
  # the default is "changes", this overrides the default behavior
  config.cloud.record = "all"

This tells terraspace to record all plans and updates regardless of whether or not changes are detected.

Cloud Stack Name

Terraspace has a good default for the cloud stack name. It includes info like env and region. Terraspace is also smart enough to remove double dashes -- resulting from unset or unused values. It is recommended to use the default. However, if you need to change it, you can change it with a config.


Terraspace.configure do |config|
  config.cloud.name = ":APP-:ROLE-:MOD_NAME-:ENV-:EXTRA-:REGION" # default


The table below covers each setting. Each option is configured in config/app.rb with config.OPTION. The config. portion is not shown for conciseness. IE: logger.level vs config.logger.level.

Name Description Default
cloud.cost.enabled Enable Cost Estimates. See how much your infrastructure costs. false
cloud.project Terraspace Cloud Project name. This is optional. main
cloud.org Terraspace Cloud org name This is required to use Terraspace Cloud. You can also set this with the TS_ORG env var.
cloud.record Whether or not to record only changes for reduced noise or record all terraspace plan, terraspace up, terraspace down. Examples: changes or all changes
cloud.stack Terraspace Cloud stack name. This must be unique per stack you want to keep separate state for. :APP-:ROLE-:MOD_NAME-:ENV-:EXTRA-:REGION
vcs.name The VCS Plugin to use. Normally, this is auto-detected based on the vcs plugin configured in your Gemfile.. IE: terraspace_vcs_github. This allows you to override the auto-detection.  

See Full Config Reference

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