terraspace up


terraspace up STACK


Deploy infrastructure stack.


$ terraspace up demo
Building .terraspace-cache/us-west-2/dev/stacks/demo
Built in .terraspace-cache/us-west-2/dev/stacks/demo
Current directory: .terraspace-cache/us-west-2/dev/stacks/demo
=> terraform apply
Plan: 2 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.

Changes to Outputs:
  + bucket_name = (known after apply)

Do you want to perform these actions?
  Terraform will perform the actions described above.
  Only 'yes' will be accepted to approve.
  Enter a value: yes

random_pet.this: Creating...
random_pet.this: Creation complete after 0s [id=trusty-marmoset]
module.bucket.aws_s3_bucket.this: Creating...
module.bucket.aws_s3_bucket.this: Creation complete after 2s [id=bucket-trusty-marmoset]

Apply complete! Resources: 2 added, 0 changed, 0 destroyed.


bucket_name = bucket-trusty-marmoset
Time took: 39s

Using plan output path. You can specify an output path for the plan. Example:

$ terraspace plan demo --out "my.plan"

You can then use this later in terraspace up:

$ terraspace up demo --plan "my.plan"


    [--auto], [--no-auto]                # Auto mode is useful for CI automation. It enables appropriate flags.
    [--init], [--no-init]                # Whether or not to run init
                                         # Default: true
    [--input], [--no-input]              # Ask for input for variables if not directly set.
-i, [--instance=INSTANCE]                # Instance of stack
-y, [--yes], [--no-yes]                  # -auto-approve the terraform apply
    [--reconfigure], [--no-reconfigure]  # Add terraform -reconfigure option
    [--plan=PLAN]                        # Execution plan that can be used to only execute a pre-determined set of actions.
    [--var-files=one two three]          # list of var files

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