terraspace new test


terraspace new test NAME


Generates test.

Stack Examples

$ terraspace new test example --type stack
=> Creating stack test: example
      create  app/stacks/example/test/.rspec
      create  app/stacks/example/test/Gemfile
      create  app/stacks/example/test/spec/fixtures/config/app.rb
      create  app/stacks/example/test/spec/fixtures/config/terraform/provider.tf
      create  app/stacks/example/test/spec/fixtures/tfvars/test.tfvars
      create  app/stacks/example/test/spec/main_spec.rb
      create  app/stacks/example/test/spec/spec_helper.rb

Module Examples

$ terraspace new test example --type module
=> Creating module test: example
      create  app/modules/example/test/.rspec
      create  app/modules/example/test/Gemfile
      create  app/modules/example/test/spec/main_spec.rb
      create  app/modules/example/test/spec/spec_helper.rb

Project Examples

$ terraspace new test my --type project
=> Creating test bootstrap structure
      create  .rspec
      create  spec/spec_helper.rb


-y, [--force]                # Bypass overwrite are you sure prompt for existing files
    [--test-name=TEST_NAME]  # Test name. Defaults to the project, module or stack name
    [--type=TYPE]            # project, stack or module
                             # Default: stack

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