terraspace down


terraspace down STACK


Destroy infrastructure stack.


$ terraspace down demo
Building .terraspace-cache/us-west-2/dev/stacks/demo
Built in .terraspace-cache/us-west-2/dev/stacks/demo
Current directory: .terraspace-cache/us-west-2/dev/stacks/demo
=> terraform destroy
# ...
Plan: 0 to add, 0 to change, 2 to destroy.

Changes to Outputs:
  - bucket_name = "bucket-trusty-marmoset" -> null

Do you really want to destroy all resources?
  Terraform will destroy all your managed infrastructure, as shown above.
  There is no undo. Only 'yes' will be accepted to confirm.
  Enter a value: yes

module.bucket.aws_s3_bucket.this: Destroying... [id=bucket-trusty-marmoset]
module.bucket.aws_s3_bucket.this: Destruction complete after 0s
random_pet.this: Destroying... [id=trusty-marmoset]
random_pet.this: Destruction complete after 0s

Destroy complete! Resources: 2 destroyed.
Time took: 21s


-i, [--instance=INSTANCE]                            # Instance of stack
-y, [--yes], [--no-yes]                              # -auto-approve the terraform apply
    [--reconfigure], [--no-reconfigure]              # Add terraform -reconfigure option
    [--destroy-workspace], [--no-destroy-workspace]  # Also destroy the Cloud workspace. Only applies when using Terraform Cloud remote backend.

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