Tfvars: Additional Lookups

It is generally encouraged to create tfvars files in the app/stacks/MOD/tfvars folder. Terraspace considers additional lookup paths though. It’s similar to how LOAD_PATH works. The lookup paths are:


Additional Seed Structure

Here’s an example folder structure. The tfvars files should mainly be in app/stacks/MOD/tfvars folders. However, you can create one-off seed/tfvars folders that mirror the modules and stack structure.

├── app
│   ├── modules
│   │   ├── instance
│   │   └── vpc
│   └── stacks
│       └── network
│           └── tfvars
│               └── dev.tfvars
└── seed
    └── tfvars
        └── modules
            └── instance
                └── dev.tfvars

One-Off Purposes

Terraspace offers this flexibility for one-off purposes. For example:

It is strongly recommended to not define tfvars in app/modules/*/tfvars. This is because modules should be reusable.

Remember modules are like “functions” and tfvars are like “parameters” passed to them. Putting the tfvars files within the same module directory would be akin to hard coding parameters.

Why tfvars in Stacks?

To understand why terraspace encourages creating your tfvars within the app/stack/MOD/tfvars folder, it is key to understand the difference between app/modules and app/stacks. The difference is how you use them.

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