Terraspace Summary Command

The terraspace summary command shows a summary of all the resources grouped by statefile. This can be quite useful to help keep track of resources created by the different statefiles.


The summary is based on the statefiles in the bucket, regardless of whether or not the stack is defined in the project.

$ terraspace summary
Summary of resources based on backend storage statefiles
Downloading statefiles to /tmp/terraspace/statefiles/terraform-state-111111111111-us-west-2-dev/us-west-2/dev/
    aws_ami ubuntu: ubuntu/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-trusty-14.04-amd64-server-20191107
    aws_instance web: i-074dcbc68f1cadc30
    aws_security_group allow_tls: first-buck
    random_pet this: first-buck


  • The summary command is supported for aws, google, and azure only. IE: It is not supported for local backends or TFC.
  • It download all statefiles for the specific TS_ENV. For performance, it requires :ENV to be the “containing folder” for all the state files. IE: The default backend.tf :REGION/:ENV/:BUILD_DIR/terraform.tfstate works.

All Show Command

The terraspace all show command can also be helpful. It downloads app/stacks statefiles and and summarizes:

$ terraspace all show
   terraspace show demo       # batch 1
Batch Run 1:
Running: terraspace show demo Logs: log/show/demo.log
terraspace show demo: Resources: 2 Outputs: 1
Time took: 2s

This command supports all backends.